Lights, Camera, Diecast!

GreenLight branches out into Entertainment Licensing to bring this series to fruition. 

Indianapolis, IN (June 7, 2011) NBC Universal Studios and CBS Broadcasting are two of the most influential American television networks of our current generation, having powerful parts in the evolution of media and entertainment.  GreenLight is proud to announce that they have obtained select licensing rights from both production studios to produce official merchandise and replicate cars from famous movies and tv shows.

When choosing what licensing rights to acquire, GreenLight had to take into account their castings and the movies and shows that would appeal to their target market.  Through an in-depth assessment of the available and attainable permissions from the studios, GreenLight was able to compose a line-up of six cars that give a strong introduction to this new series theme; 1:64 GL Hollywood.

1:64 GL Hollywood fills a projected trend that was forecasted in the toy industry market for 2011.  Reyne Rice, toy trend specialist from the Toy Industry Association writes in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of The Toy Book:

Kids Gravitate to small collectible toys they can display to their friends and [adults] are drawn to these products for their affordability and pennies-per-play value.  Pure and simple, collectibles tied to popular television shows and movies, for example, will populate retail shelves in 2011 and keep brand-loyal kids and parents coming back for more.”

GreenLight’s notorious meticulous attention to detail has most assuredly accomplished this ambition with 1:64 GL Hollywood Series 1.  Pairing current summer blockbusters with cult classics from the 70’s and 80’s has produced a well rounded release line up that is sure to have something for everyone.

GL Hollywood - Series 1

1:64th Scale

  • Blues Brothers (1980) - 1974 Dodge Monaco
  • Blues Brothers (1980) - 1975 Dodge Monaco Chicago Police
  • CSI: Miami (2002-2010) - 2008 Dodge Charger
  • 2Fast 2Furious (2003) - 1970 Dodge Challenger
  • Fast Five (2011) - 1970 Dodge Charger "Rio Police"
  • Smokey & The Bandit (1977) - 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

So whether you like action adventure, suspense and gore, or a rom-com, 1:64 GL Hollywood Series 1 by GreenLight, is sure to add a bit of the dramatic to any collection!

These 1:64 die-cast replicas feature detailed engines, real rubber tires, metal body and chassis, detailed graphics, custom license plates and are officially licensed by the respective auto manufacturers. The release is scheduled for July 2011 and will be available through official GreenLight official hobby shops and wholesale dealers, as well as at Toys ‘R’ Us and Meijer.




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