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  • Anchorman Channel 4 News Team Van - New Tooling!

    Indianapolis, IN (January 2014) – We’re happy to announce a rerelease of the Anchorman Channel 4 News Team van with new tooling including satellite dish, new wheels and stairs. This limited edition rerelease will only appear at

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    Posted by admin on Tuesday, 18-Mar-2014 07:51 AM

  • 1:18 Lights & Sound - NYPD

    Indianapolis, IN (January 2014) – We’re excited to announce the new arrival of a brand new style of large scale die-cast to our line-up – 1:18 Lights & Sound! The first set includes two Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors NYPD and NYPD Auxiliary markings and include electronics for not only a siren, but also flashing lights on the front, back and light bar. Check out the

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    Posted by admin on Thursday, 09-Jan-2014 10:50 AM

  • 1:43 Fast & Furious Available Now!

    Indianapolis, IN (November 2013) – Looking to get the latest GreenLight 1:43 Fast & Furious cars? We are happy to announce the arrival of the 1:43 Fast & Furious at Toys “R” Us and Hastings! The 1:43 Fast & Furious Collection will feature waves of three cars arriving every quarter. Be sure to visit your local TRU or Hastings and check out the Fast & Furious cars available now for the Holiday Season!

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    Posted by admin on Monday, 18-Nov-2013 15:24 PM

  • New GreenLight Product Available in Toys R Us!

    Indianapolis, IN (August 2013) – We are excited to announce that Toys R Us (TRU) will be carrying brand-new GreenLight product this Fall! TRU will be carrying both the 1:64 Hollywood 10-Car Collector Case and the 1:64 6-Car Acrylic Cases. Be sure to visit your local TRU and check out both product items available now!

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    Posted by admin on Friday, 13-Sep-2013 12:22 PM

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